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There's a ton of different uses for the drill press. So it's easy to say they're a tool that you should own. But the difficult part is finding a good one, because there are just so many different models on the market. They differ in there pricing, there power, and there performance so choosing the right one is crucial to getting good value for money. That's why we have written this guide to get the best drill press for the money. After you read through this guide you should know which drill press is the best for you, you will know which factors are important to consider, and which models and brands offer the best value for money. So without wasting anymore time let's get into it and look at some drill press reviews.

WEN 4208
The wen 4208 8 inch bench top drill press is a great entry level option for beginners (or professionals too). It is built in a rigid and well constructed manner like much of the products in the WEN line up. The key parts of this drill press, the head, table and base are all made of cast iron which is very strong stuff. The cast iron construction makes sure that you'll drill accurate holes on a well balanced machine. Now although this drill press is great for beginners it's actually okay for pros too, but the motor might not be powerful enough for some of the larger jobs you need to tackle. The motor is 1/3 Horsepower which is adequate in most scenarios. The WEN 4208 overall is a high quality versatile machine which offers good value for money. Because of this we think its the best drill press overall.

Craftsman 12

The craftsman 12 inch drill press is a step up from the WEN 4208 in power and size. Yet despite being more powerful it still has a reasonable price tag for a 12 inch drill press. And it comes with some fancy features like digital depth reader for maximum precision. The motor is 1/2 a Horse power, more than the wen 4208s 1/3HP, the motor is also 3.7 amps so it's plenty for most jobs you will need to do. The gears on this drill press provide speed settings from 300 to 3000 Revs per minute (RPM). Overall the craftsman 12 inch drill press is another great benchtop drill press that doesn't break the bank. The main downside is that it's not as cheap as the wen 4208 is. .

Delta 18-900L

This floor drill press from delta is a high quality product for professionals. In contrast to the drill presses listed above which are benchtop drill presses, this model is huge. It is primarily aimed at professionals who need a big drill press for their workshop. This is quite likely the best drill press for professionals, as it has a massive 16 different speed settings with an auto tensioning belt drive system. The depth stop on this drill press is highly precise, more so than on regular drill presses. Overall this is a great drill press. It is probably far too expensive for most people though.